Building a Communication Bridge for Personal Income Tax Reform and Supporting the High Quality Development of Private Economy

On November 13, 2018, Fang Wenchen, Deputy General Manager of Dongguan Zhongyou Electronics Co., Ltd., as the Secretary of the Party Branch and Vice President of the Federation of Industry and Commerce in Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, presided over a tax enterprise symposium with the theme of "building a communication bridge for personal tax reform and helping the high-quality development of the private economy" in the conference room on the 13th floor of the Chamber of Commerce Building, and invited Kuang Zhaodong, a member of the Party Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Taxation Bureau and Deputy Director of the Dongguan Municipal Taxation Bureau, to lead a national tax expert group, Representatives from major local enterprises and chambers of commerce in Fenggang attended the meeting.
After Secretary Fang Wenchen's welcome speech at the meeting, Chief Huang Yan made a speech on the new policy of Personal income tax law, and Deputy Chief Ye Ruifeng answered the questions about Personal income tax raised by enterprises. Finally, Deputy Director Kuang Zhaodong will give a concluding speech. This meeting successfully fulfilled its responsibility of building a communication bridge and established communication channels for the government and private enterprises.