In 1985, Zhongyou Company was established as a professional connector manufacturer in Taiwan. The product mainly involves wire to board and wire to wire connectors.

In 1988, Zhongyou fully utilized the advantages of connector manufacturing factories and established a cable component factory in Taiwan.

In 1992, I went to mainland China for the first time and established a connector warehouse and service office to serve the needs of mainland customers nearby.

In 1994, a production factory was established in mainland China, mainly producing cable components. The address is located in Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

In 1998, the production scale was expanded and the factory was relocated to Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

In 2000, the second branch was established in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with products and services mainly focused on connector production, sales, and cable processing.

2002- Passed ISO9001 certification.

In 2003, in order to cooperate with Huawei's 3com project, Hangzhou Zhongyou Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Wenyan Town, Hangzhou City, further expanding its scale.

2005- ISO14001 certified.

In 2006, the company further expanded and purchased land to build its own Zhongding Industrial Zone in Fenggang Town, Guangdong Province

In 2008, the industrial zone was completed and the company moved to a new location,

In 2008, Dongguan Zhongding Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in the research and development and production of wires and cables to enhance competitiveness.

In 2008, Zhongding passed UL and CSA certification.

In 2014, Zhongyou Electronics (Jiujiang) Co., Ltd. was established in Chengxigang Optoelectronics Industrial Park, Development Zone, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province to cooperate with the development of customers

In 2016, the company passed various related certifications such as HDMI 2K * 4K, TYPE C, and completed upgrades to its products and production lines, confirming its leading position in the industry

In 2016, in order to better align with the domestic market and serve the domestic market, the company passed the national standard certification and expanded its customer base

In 2016, in response to the government's call, we took the lead in implementing the machine replacement project, enhancing the automation of production lines and reducing labor.

In 2017, Dongguan Zhongyou Electronics Co., Ltd. was awarded by the Fenggang Town Government as a key enterprise in the Fenggang Town Enterprise Scale and Benefit Doubling Plan, abbreviated as the "Fenggang Town Doubling Plan Key Enterprise"

In 2017, Dongguan Zhongyou Electronics Co., Ltd. successfully passed MFI certification, which is a trademark usage license for external accessories produced by Apple Inc. authorized accessory manufacturers. Its full name is: Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad

In 2017, our company, based on market demand and with the development policy of continuously upgrading our products and manufacturing towards intelligent upgrading, purchased various high-precision equipment such as high-performance high-frequency cage stranding machines, FEP extrusion machines, PVC extrusion machines, weaving machines, laser cutting machines, etc., totaling 6 containers, once again expanding the production line structure and improving production capacity