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  • Products name: Industrial refrigeration air conditioner wiring harness
  • Products number: Cooling wire harness08
  • Unit of measurement:
  • Time on shelves: 2017-05-31

Product Name: industrial refrigeration and air conditioning wiring harness
Product category: industrial control
Product shell: nylon (Nylon) UL94V-0
Seat: nylon products (Nylon) UL94V-0
Product terminals: Phosphor Bronze (Phos.bronze Tin/plated)
Product wire: rated temperature: 80 degrees, rated voltage: 300V Conductor: using single stranded or stranded wire, tinned or bare copper wire, PVC: through UL VW-1, withstand test
Product features:
The 1. conductor uses high purity oxygen free copper to ensure that the signal is transmitted at the best possible quality
2. by use of environmentally friendly PVC plastic material, appearance, wear resistance, environmental protection, long service period
3. resistance to external electromagnetic interference, to ensure the stability of signal transmission
4. 、 with sensitive switch control, long service life

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