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Uninterruptible power supply development and classification

Writer:Dongguan Zhongyou ElSource:www.hisetec.com Date:2018-1-31 00:05
   Before the era of batteries, uninterruptible power supplies used the flywheel and internal combustion engine to power the load. This uninterruptible power supply was known as a flywheel or rotary uninterruptible power supply. Flywheel uninterruptible power supply from the rectifier, DC motor, flywheel, diesel engine (or gasoline engine) and generators and other components. In the case of mains supply, the DC drive motor provided by the rectifier drives the flywheel to rotate, and the generator with the generator powers the load. Due to the inertia of the flywheel, the speed of the generator can be kept in balance. At this moment, the uninterruptible power supply plays the role of filtering the grid interference. When the grid is de-energized, the flywheel continues to drive the rotor of the generator to rotate, and at the same time, it starts the diesel engine to drive the generator to generate electricity and replace the original grid to supply power to the load. Because flywheel uninterruptible power supply using internal combustion engine to produce electricity, will produce greater noise and larger size, it is used in emergency situations and some natural conditions of the poor, usually uninterrupted power supply will use the battery to provide power .
Battery type
   Since the United States General Electric Company in the 1960s studied uninterruptible power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies have been improving, but the fundamentals have not changed significantly.
   Modern uninterruptible power supply by the battery pack, inverter and control circuit, one end connected to the other end of the grid connected to the electrical load. In the case of normal grid voltage, the uninterruptible power supply uses the grid power to charge itself. When an abnormality occurs on the grid, the uninterruptible power supply releases the energy stored in the battery for use by the load. It is usually divided into two kinds of online and backup (also known as off-line) according to the working mode; according to the output waveform can be divided into sinusoidal, sinusoidal approximation (with a square wave to fit the sine wave, also known as PWM technology), etc. .
UPS according to the working principle is divided into reserve type, online and online interactive three categories.
Among them, we are most commonly used backup UPS, which has the most basic and most important UPS automatic voltage regulation, power protection and other UPS functions, although generally about 10ms conversion time, but because of the simple structure and has the price cheap and reliable Sexual advantages, it is widely used in computers, peripherals, POS machines and other fields.
Backup UPS power supply is divided into backup sine wave output UPS power supply and backup square wave output UPS power supply.
Back-up sine wave output UPS power supply: stand-alone output can be done 0.25KW ~ 2KW, when the mains changes between 170V ~ 264V, to provide users with the regulator to deal with electricity; when the electricity exceeds 170V ~ 264V range , Only by the UPS to provide high-quality sine wave power.
Backup square wave output UPS power supply: And back-up sine wave output UPS power supply is different to provide users with 50Hz square wave power supply.
On-line UPS structure is more complex, but the performance is perfect, can solve all power problems, such as the four-way PS series, its notable feature is able to output pure sine wave AC continuous zero interruption, can solve all the spikes, surges, frequency drift Power problems; due to the large investment required, it is typically used in power-critical environments such as critical equipment and network centers.
Online interactive UPS, compared with the backup type, the online interactive filter function, anti-mains interference ability, the conversion time is less than 4ms, the inverter output is an analog sine wave, it can be equipped with servers, routers and other network equipment, or Used in the harsh electrical environment.

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