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Zhongyou Department of Information on uninterruptible power supply

Writer:东莞忠佑电子有限公司Source:www.hisetec.com Date:2017-12-15 20:32
Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that connects a battery (often a lead-acid free maintenance battery) to a host computer and converts DC power into utility power through module circuits such as a host inverter . Mainly used to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply to a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters and the like. When the mains input is normal, the UPS will be supplied to the load after regulating the mains voltage. At this time, the UPS is an AC-type voltage regulator, and at the same time, it charges the battery inside the machine. When the utility power is cut off (accident blackout) , The UPS will immediately supply the DC power of the battery to the load through the inverter switching conversion method to maintain the normal operation of the load and protect the load of the software and the hardware from being damaged. UPS devices usually provide protection against high or low voltages.
   UPS is aimed at China's power grid environment and network monitoring and network systems, medical systems and other power requirements of reliability, to overcome the large-scale computer network system caused by centralized power supply network environment is increasingly harsh problems with a new digital technology developed The third generation of pure frequency online intelligent UPS. DC power supply is the device that maintains a constant current in the circuit. Such as batteries, batteries, DC generators.
UPS and DC power supply are important power supply protection equipment for enterprises. The traditional maintenance and management include: ① The appearance of routine inspection, periodic replacement of wearing parts such as battery, filter capacitor and fan, battery activation during overhaul, etc. ② Retrofitting or using replacement equipment , Use advanced tools to test battery performance. This management approach to high cost enterprises, maintenance personnel workload, not easy to grasp the real-time operation of equipment and critical data, equipment, accident prevention ability is low. Implementation of online maintenance and management can avoid the shortcomings of the traditional way, get good benefits.
UPS in Chinese means "uninterruptible power supply", is the English abbreviation of "Uninterruptible Power System / Uninterruptible Power Supply", which can protect the computer system to continue working after a power outage for a period of time so that users can save an emergency, so that users will not be due to power outages Affect work or lose data.
UPS power supply system consists of five parts: the main road, bypass, battery and other power input circuit, AC / DC converter rectifier REC, DC / AC converter inverter INV, inverter and bypass output Switching circuit and storage battery. Regulator function of the system is usually completed by the rectifier, SCR rectifier devices or high-frequency switching rectifier, itself has the ability to control the output amplitude of changes in external functions, so that when the external power changes (the change should meet the system Requirements), the output amplitude of the basic unchanged rectifier voltage. Purification function by the storage battery to complete, because the rectifier can not eliminate the instantaneous pulse interference, the voltage rectifier there are still interference pulses. In addition to the DC energy storage battery can store DC function, the rectifier is like a large capacitor connected to the capacitor, the size of its equivalent capacitance, and energy storage battery capacity is proportional to the size. As the voltage across the capacitor can not be abrupt, that is, the use of capacitors on the smooth pulse characteristics of the pulse to eliminate interference, played a purification function, also known as interference shielding. The frequency stability is achieved by the converter, the frequency stability depends on the stability of the oscillation frequency of the converter. In order to facilitate the daily operation and maintenance of the UPS power system, the design of the system working switch, the automatic bypass switch after the host self-test failure and the on-off control of the maintenance bypass switch and so on.
When the grid voltage is working normally, and at the same time, the energy storage battery is charged; in case of a sudden power failure, the UPS power supply starts to work, and the storage battery supplies the power required by the load to maintain the normal production (as shown in bold black); When due to production needs, heavy load overload, by the grid voltage directly to the load power supply.

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