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Writer:Dongguan Zhongyou ElSource:www.hisetec.com Date:2017-8-9 21:17
From the beginning of 2017 my company was selected as the scale and efficiency of Fenggang Township enterprises since the town of the relevant leadership of the company conducted a number of visits and research and made valuable suggestions. Encourage us to try boldly, the product to the high-end upgrade, manufacturing to intelligent upgrade.
My company Li total, deputy chief of the company according to the actual situation, combined with this year's market development trend, developed a development route. Recently, the company according to market demand, once again expand the production line structure, the purchase of high-performance high-frequency cage cutter, FEP extrusion machine, PVC extrusion machine, knitting machine, laser cutting machine and other high-precision equipment, With this adjustment, our production capacity has been greatly improved, the production of USD3.1, Teflon series line production capacity increased by 30%, compared with the performance before more stable, the industry received.
Which USB3.1 C-C 10G 1.5 meters through the hundred percent of the Thai test, living in the industry-leading level.


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          large equipment                         Hi new machine                                                                                                     


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