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Zeng Bohui Vice Mayor came to guide the work

Writer:Dongguan Zhongyou ElSource:www.hisetec.com Date:2017-8-9 17:49
From the beginning of 2017 my company was selected as the scale and efficiency of Fenggang Township enterprises since the town of the relevant leadership of the company conducted a number of visits and research and made valuable suggestions.
Recently, in Fenggang Town, deputy mayor Zeng Baihui under the leadership of the Council by the leadership of the leadership, once again to the Division I research and cheer. My company vice president Fang Wenchen to Zeng Baihui deputy mayor and other leaders reported this year since the industry's market situation, as well as our company's production and operation of the specific situation.
Deputy mayor carefully listened to my deputy director of the report, and focused on the Division I in product development and other aspects of the investment and the direction of the late development orientation. At the same time detailed publicity to explain the town government on the town of "doubled" enterprises in the employment, land use, fund raising and other aspects of support policies to encourage us to try boldly, high-end products to upgrade to create a smart upgrade, and wish our company successfully completed " Multiply "the target.

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