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Basics of wire and cable

Writer:Dongguan Zhongyou ElSource:www.hisetec.com Date:2017-8-5 08:50
1. What is the wire and cable
For the transmission of electrical energy, information and the realization of electromagnetic energy conversion products 2. Wire and cable for distinguishing wire and cable
Wire: rated voltage is low, the structure is relatively simple, specifications smaller cable: the opposite of the wire. There is no clear line, generally known as 3. Wire and cable classification Wire and cable according to the use of three categories: (1) power wire and cable - power system used wire and cable products are overhead bare wires, power cables, electrical equipment, electrical equipment, such as wire and cable. (2) communication wire and cable --- for the information transmission system, the main cable and cable, TV cable, electronic cable, RF cable, fiber optic cable, data cable, or other composite cable. (3) Electromagnetic wire - for the realization of electromagnetic energy conversion cable, enameled wire, silk envelope. According to the type of wire and cable industry categories are divided into five categories:
(1) bare wire - pure conductor metal, no insulation and sheath layer, such as ACSR, electric locomotive, etc., ground cord.
(2) power cable - there are insulated, armored, protective layer (five core below, complex structure), the product is mainly used in hair, with, lose, change, power lines in the strong electric power transmission, Several thousand to several thousand years), high voltage (220V to 500kV and above). (3) electrical equipment cable - variety specifications, a wide range of applications, the general use of electrical equipment terminal, the use of voltage in the 1kV and more, oil / cold / temperature / wear-resistant cable, medical / agricultural / Mine cable, thin-walled wire and so on.
(4) communication cable - two-wire telephone line to thousands of pairs of cable, coaxial cable, cable, data cable, and even a combination of communication cable. The size of these products is usually small and uniform size, manufacturing accuracy requirements. (5) magnet wire - mainly used for a variety of motors, instrumentation and so on. Second, the commonly used wire and cable standard code
GB-national standard; JB-mechanical standards; SJ-electronic non-standard; YD-post and telecommunications department standards; GY-radio and television; / T- recommended standard
UL-USA; VDE-Germany; BS-UK; JIS-Japan GB / T19666-2005
PVC plastic wire GB 5023-1997 JB8734-1998 P); flame retardant series of wire and cable GB / T19666-2005; halogen-free low smoke wire JB / T10941-2004; road vehicle wiring JB / T 8139-1999; indoor telephone line YD / T840-1996; general purpose RF coaxial cable GB / T14864-1993, JB / T10941-2004; network cable YD / T1019-1999; cable conductor GB 3956-1997
Third, the structure and materials of wire and cable
1. The structure of the cable
The vast majority of wire and cable products are cross-section (cross-section) shape is exactly the same (ignoring the error caused by manufacturing), was a long product, which is due to the system or equipment is used as a line or coil used features The decision. Therefore, the analysis of the cable structure of the product structure, only from its cross-section to observe and analyze.
The structural elements of wire and cable products, in general, can be divided into four main structural components of wire, insulation, shielding and sheathing, as well as filling elements and bearing elements. According to the requirements of the use of products and applications, and some product structure is extremely simple.
2. Cable material
In a sense, the wire and cable manufacturing industry is a finishing and assembling industry for materials. First, the amount of material is huge, the cost of materials in the cable products to account for the total cost of manufacturing 80-90%; Second, the type of material used, the variety is very high, particularly high performance requirements, such as conductor copper, copper purity More than 99.95%, and some products to use oxygen-free high-purity copper; Third, the choice of materials will be on the manufacturing process, product performance and service life to play a decisive impact.
At the same time, the benefits of cable manufacturing enterprises and materials selection, processing and production management can be scientifically saved materials are closely related. Therefore, in the design of wire and cable products must be used with the selection of materials at the same time, the general use of several materials, through the process and performance screening test to determine.
Cable products with the use of materials and functions, can be divided into conductive materials, insulation materials, protective materials, shielding materials, fill materials. But some of these materials are common to several structural parts. Especially thermoplastic materials, such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and so on as long as the change part of the ingredients can be used in the insulation or jacket.
Cable materials used in the manufacture of materials involved in a wide range of categories, variety specifications (grades) particularly large.
3. Product name and material (1) wire is the product of current or electromagnetic wave information transmission function of the most essential essential components.
The main material: wire is the short name of the conductive wire, with copper, aluminum, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum and other conductive properties of non-ferrous metals made of light to fiber as a wire.
There are bare copper wire, tinned wire; single line, stranded wire; (2) Insulation layer is covered in the wire around the periphery of the electrical insulation of the components.

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