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What is DP?

Writer:Dongguan Zhongyou ElSource:www.hisetec.com Date:2017-7-22 12:46
DisplayPort interface
Synonym DP (DP interface) generally refers to the DisplayPort interface
DisplayPort is also a high-definition digital display interface standard, you can connect the computer and monitor, you can also connect the computer and home theater.
In May 2006, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) identified version 1.0, upgraded to version 1.1 in 2008, providing support for HDCP. 1.3 version of the total bandwidth to 32.4Gbps (4.05GB / s), four channels each assigned 8.1Gbps. DisplayPort has won support from industry giants such as AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Philips, Samsung, Aoc, and it is free to use.
Performance performance, DisplayPort 1.1 maximum support 10.8Gb / S transmission bandwidth, HDMI 1.3 standard can support 10.2G / s bandwidth; In addition, DisplayPort can support WQXGA + (2560 × 1600), QXGA (2048 × 1536) and other resolutions And 30 / 36bit (10 / 12bit per primary) color depth, 1920 × 1200 resolution color support to 120 / 24Bit, ultra-high bandwidth and resolution is sufficient to adapt to the development of display devices.
High bandwidth
DisplayPort came out at the beginning, it can provide bandwidth up to 10.8Gb / s, sufficient bandwidth to ensure that the future large-size display devices for higher resolution requirements.
2. Maximize the integration of peripherals
Like HDMI, DisplayPort also allows audio and video signals to share a single cable to support a variety of high-quality digital audio. But more advanced than HDMI is, DisplayPort in a cable can also achieve more features. In addition to the four main transmission channels, DisplayPort also provides a powerful auxiliary channel. The auxiliary channel transmission bandwidth of 1Mbps, the maximum delay is only 500μs, can be directly as voice, video and other low-bandwidth data transmission channel, also can be used for non-delay game control. Visible, DisplayPort can achieve the greatest degree of integration of peripheral equipment, control.
3. internal and external interface take-all
DisplayPort external connector there are two: one is standard, similar to USB, HDMI and other connectors; the other is low, mainly for the connection area of ​​limited applications, such as ultra-thin notebook computers. The maximum distance between the two connectors can be up to 15 meters, and the relevant specifications of the connector and wiring have been prepared for future upgrades, even if the future DisplayPort using the new 2X rate standard (21.6Gbps), connectors and wiring do not have to re- To design.
In addition to the connection between the device and the device, DisplayPort can also be used as an interface within the device, or even between the chip and the chip data interface. For example, DisplayPort replaces the location of the LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) interface between the LCD panel and the drive circuit board. DisplayPort's internal connector is only 26.3mm wide, 1.1mm high, 30% smaller than the LVDS interface, but the transmission rate is 3.8 times LVDS.

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