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Development of Wire and Cable Industry

Writer:东莞忠佑电子有限公司Source:www.hisetec.com Date:2017-4-23 23:21
Wire and cable industry is China's second largest after the automotive industry, product variety satisfaction rate and the domestic market share of more than 90%. In the world, China's total output value of wire and cable has exceeded the United States, becoming the world's largest producer of wire and cable. With the rapid development of China's wire and cable industry, the number of new enterprises continues to rise, the industry's overall technical level has been greatly improved.
   China's sustained and rapid economic growth, cable products provide a huge market space, the Chinese market strong temptation, making the world focus on the Chinese market, in the reform and opening up just a few decades, China's cable manufacturing industry The formation of the huge production capacity to the world with admiration. With the Chinese power industry, data communications industry, urban rail transit industry, automobile industry and shipbuilding and other industries continue to expand the scale of the demand for wire and cable will grow rapidly, the future of wire and cable industry has great potential for development.

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