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Analysis on Development of Wire and Cable Industry

Writer:东莞忠佑电子有限公司Source:www.hisetec.com Date:2017-4-23 23:20
First, the characteristics of wire and cable industry and problems
At present, China's wire and cable industry has developed rapidly, the capital structure to private-based, industrial structure is too scattered, the product structure to low-end development pattern.
1. The industry is growing rapidly
 "15" period, with China's rapid economic development, wire and cable industry to maintain an average annual growth rate of 16.87%. China's wire and cable industry in 2006 to achieve product sales revenue of 386.592 billion yuan, more than the United States to become the world's largest wire and cable producer. 2008 industry sales income of more than 500 billion yuan, China is second only to the automotive industry's second largest industry. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the industry sales output value is "15" at the end of 2.6 times the total assets of the industry is "15" at the end of 2.1 times.
2. Capital structure is dominated by private capital
  According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, in 2009 the wire and cable industry state-owned and above-scale enterprises have 4653, of which the number of private holding enterprises accounted for 73% of the total assets accounted for 63.9%, 67.6% of sales accounted for, accounting for 55.6% , Accounting for 70.5% of total profits and taxes, export delivery accounted for 22%. In terms of assets, private enterprises accounted for about 60%, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for more than two percent, less than 20% of state-owned enterprises. The private sector is dominant in the wire and cable industry. However, in China's wire and cable industry, in the industry is absolutely leading enterprises in several well-known multinational companies, as well as the domestic cable industry's leading companies; the second level is the cable industry in a leading position, but with the first level Compared to a certain gap between the enterprises, as well as in some areas of products occupy a certain monopoly advantage of the enterprise; the third level is the lack of other characteristics and competitiveness of enterprises, most of the private small and medium enterprises.
Domestic wire and cable enterprise level
In the above three levels, the more the number of enterprises closer to the low end, the added value of its products is low, highly competitive.
3. The industrial structure is overly dispersed
  According to the statistics of some institutions, China's large and small wire and cable enterprises as many as 7,000, of which small and medium enterprises, the largest share of the market share of enterprises, but also in 1% -2.5%. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, the end of 2009, China's largest 19 cable business market share accounted for only 11.7% of the industry, while the top three US companies in the country's market share reached 54%, Japan's top seven enterprises share Accounting for 86% of the industry, the UK's top 12 cable companies up to 95% concentration. Many enterprises, the low degree of industrial concentration is the direct consequence of the decline in profit margins, overcapacity, wire and cable industry, the adjustment and integration is imperative.
4. The product structure to low-end
  China is a major producer of wire and cable, but not the power of wire and cable production. At present, although China's cable industry has a high production capacity, but there are unreasonable product structure problems, enterprises mainly produce low value-added low-voltage cable, its production capacity has been surplus, the market competition, profitability There is a decline, and high pressure, high pressure and other high-end cable products are dependent on imports. In 2009, China imported 281,900 tons of wire and cable products, the import value of 3.676 billion US dollars, compared with 2004, the number of imports fell by 72,900 tons, but the amount of imports has increased by 1.301 billion US dollars. According to the General Administration of Customs data, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's imports of cable products, the average unit price (unit weight price) is about twice the unit price of export products. China's high-voltage, high voltage power grid construction investment is growing

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